Tuesday, October 7, 2008


What's your favorite sport? Why? Why not?


Jamal said...

My favorite sport is soccer!!!! Soccer is awesome because it just is. I'm in the YMCA Soccer and my team hasn't lost one game in like the last 4 years. I can juggle with a soccer ball really good. My record is 126 times. I've scored a lot of goals in my lifetime.

Jerome (really just jack) said...

Soccer is awesome! You are totally right "jamal". I like soccer because you can pwn noobs, score goals, and get the babes. My juggling record is 62 times and like spencer, whoops i mean "jamal" my soccer team has not lost in like four years either.

Saxon said...

I am not good at sports. You can ask anyone who has played an athletic game with me. I cannot catch, throw, kick, or hit a ball. I am pretty sad if you watch me try to play kick-ball. The only good thing I can do is run from base to base. Told you it was sad.

ryanhamilton said...

I totally love the sport of baseball. Most people do not like this sport at all. However, my dad was pretty much a pro MLB baseball player. Well, he has been asked to play for a professional baseball team, but he turned them down. So, I decide to follow up in his foot steps. And ask any of the people i play baseball with, they know I am one of the best 13 year old baseball player there is.

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