Friday, December 5, 2008

The Enviroment

How do you feel about the Earth? Globel warming, oil drilling, mass population; tell me what you think about all of this.


Jack said...

i think we should kill of the weak and sick, then build spaceships and live on mars to excape the hole in our ozone layer and to avoid the immenent end of the world.

sweet n' sassy said...

um... way to be disturbing, jack! but anyway, we hate global warming because if the seals die, there will be no more fur coats! :) JK. but no more cute baby seals :(

Vikas Arya said...

i'd suggest governments all over the world ensure that all new cars must use the Hybrid technology and the non hybrid cars should be slowly phased out..

jin-jin said...

i would say that we should all agree with jack!!!!< lol, h-no! i would rather sue all the companies for making all that bad stuff, and if the people disagree, ill killem, lol just kidding michael, lol but i really hate it, it smells funny, lol

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