Saturday, December 13, 2008


Well another year is almost over and i want to know what great things you are hoping to do in the new year.


sweet n' sassy said...

we are going to play soccer...since many neat guys play it!!!!!!!!!!!! also the sport looks like fun!!!!!!!!!!!1

Saxon said...
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Vikas Arya said...

i always have very ambitious plans :) some of them are :-

-learning to play the guitar.
-play more Cricket.
-Catch up on some reading
-and getting better at my work

and i almost forgot, travel as much as possible

Ashwin Prabhakaran said...

alrady planning my vacation for Mid Jan...
Dunno where I'm headed to..
But hopefully want to go travelling either North India or probably the east-coast of India..
i do this travel every year..
This year I might even skip the ravel for some soul searching..
wow.. I have started sounding like a monk already.. well.. no kidding.. :)

Saxon said...

You are funny Ashwin...thats ur name right?

jin-jin said...

im going to go CRAZY!!! do what i want, and dont do what i need, have fun with what i have, and dont llook backk..... yeah!!

saxon isn't very funny is she???

but, the only word that ryhmes with your name saxon, is sexy, so its like sexy saxon, unless you want me to call you saxy saxon or saxon the saxy

Saxon said...


After the U.S what country would you support in the world

Which blog do you think is the blog of the year?